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The Environmental Health Department serves the citizens of Wayne County and is governed by the Wayne County Board of Health.

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Wayne County Environmental Health
P.O. Box 435 Corydon, IA. 50060


David Rhodes - Environmental Health Director


Monday - Friday: 8am - 4:00pm

Duties and Responsibilities of Environmental Health

  • Waste Water Permits and Inspections
  • Time of Transfer Inspections
  • OSWAP Information (low interest loan for Onsite Waste Water Systems)
  • Private Well Plugging/Testing
  • Nuisance Complaints
  • Radon Test Kits
  • Tanning Bed Inspections
  • Public Swimming Pool Inspections


Contractors who are wanting to perform Septic System work in Wayne County, including new installations or repairs, must provide a $15,000 bond, proof of contractor registration with the Iowa Workforce Development, and proof of CIOWTS certification. If you have any questions about any of these requirements, please contact the Environmental Health Office at (641) 872-1903


New Well Drilling Permits, GTC Well Plugging Program

Under the Iowa Grants to Counties program, we currently can assist with the cost of plugging abandoned wells and cisterns on your property. up to $500 will be reimbursed for a properly plugged well and up to $300 for a properly plugged cistern. This work needs to be completed by a certified well plugger.

WELL WATER TESTS – Wayne County Environmental Health is offering well water tests for anyone who has a private well in Wayne County. It is recommended that well water be tested at least once a year. testing also allows you to know the quality of the water that is in your well.


To File a Nuisance Complaint please contact the Environmental Health Office.

In order for a Nuisance complaint to be investigated, the complaint form needs to be filled out including signature and the required fee to be paid.


Anytime you are building a new residence or buying or selling a residence within Wayne County that has an onsite wastewater system the County Sanitarian must be contacted. Onsite wastewater system is defined as any septic system not connected to a municipal sewer system.

Any work done on existing facilities outside of the house or installation of new systems require a permit for the Environmental Health office.

All work on wastewater systems must be completed by a licensed contractor. Please contact the Environmental Health office for information on licensed contractors or see Contractor Requirements on this page.


For more information on pools and spas, please go to the Iowa department of public health website


For more Information on tattoo establishment permits and requirements, please go to the Iowa Department of Public Health website


Onsite Wastewater Assistance Proram is a source of low-cost financing to help rural homeowners replace outdated septic systems.

Upgrading these inadequate systems with approved on-site systems helps prevent pollution of surface water, groundwater and water wells in Iowa. Approved systems include both a septic tank and a secondary treatment system such as a leachfield. Without treatment, human waste containing harmful bacteria and viruses is discharged directly into the environment.

The program offers low-interest loans through participating local lenders. An applicant must own an existing home with a septic system in an unincorporated area (outside city limits), not served by a public sewer.


Contact David Rhodes at (641) 872-1903 to obtain a radon test kit.

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